Flagstaff Hill Renewal Project

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What is the Flagstaff Hill Renewal Project?

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village has been part of the Warrnambool community for the past 40 years. To remain a viable attraction and to maintain the rich regional heritage at the site we must continually review the direction of future development at the site.

FHMV Renewal Project Outline

Warrnambool City Council were successful in obtaining a grant from Regional Development Victoria - Regional Growth Fund of $1.95m to support the $500,000 per year for two years from Warrnambool City Council. This project is aligned to the FHMV Master Plan Report and will complete the following:

  • Upgrade the day and night experiences - with a focus on increasing repeat visitation to the night experience through the development of multiple experiences;


  • Re-configure the main building reception, Visitor Information centre into one space as well as realigning the resturant area;


  • Improve access around the village - including pathways, improved use of multi-lingual and auslan based technologies;


  • Consolidate the FHMV heritage boat fleet to focus our attention to the vessels with historical signficance to the south west of Victoria;

    Increase the ability for the site to be used for a multiple range of functions and events;

Project Update

Please download updates to keep up to date with the works.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village - Renewal Project Update One


Engaging with our guests.


Flagstaff Hill Recent Awards

  • Winner Victorian Tourism Awards - Best Tourist Attraction 2007, 2008, 2009

  • Winner Victorism Tourism Awards - Best New Product Lighthouse Lodge 2010

  • Winner Australian Accommodation Association - Best New Accommodation in Australia 2011 Lighthouse Lodge

  • Museum Australia (Victoria) Museum Award - Community Engagement 2009

Current Operating Environment

The current operating environment for regional heritage based attractions is challenging with a number of significant issues effecting the future viability and performance of tourism and cultural assets.

Some of these issues include and potential opportunities:

  • State Government subsidies to operate potentially competing attractions - Introduction of free entry to Parks Victoria sites in 2010, and the 1st July 2011 free entry to Melbourne Zoo sites through school holidays, as well subsidies that equate to $38 per visitor to provide subsidised entry to Melbourne Museum sites;

  • Tourism's regional dispersal decline - Ongoing declines in regional tourism markets across Australia and the strong demand for Australians to travel overseas for holidays;

  • Increased OH&S requirements placed upon educational groups that restrict the ability of teachers to have students engage in off campus educational experiences;

  • Transportation Costs - FSH isolation from an accredited group accommodation facility (nearest school camp is 25km's away in Port Fairy) increases costs of these groups to visit and take in the educational programs operated. Again state government subsidies operate to assist Melbourne based museums. The Green Star Program provides free travel for students who attend ScienceWorks Melbourne, no such subsidy program operates for regional museums/attractions.

  • Victoria has a very rich maritime heritage but currently lacks a state supported maritime museum. FSH has established a range of new partnerships that have the potential to expand the curatorial role and use of Flagstaff Hill as base for the storage and display of the state maritime collection that is currently held by Heritage Victoria.


Guests to museums have developing requirements to ensure they remain engaged and stimulated by a museum visit. Maritime Museums, particularly one located on the Shipwreck Coast of Victoria such as Flagstaff Hill, need to remain aware of these emerging trends to ensure they provide an experience that exceeds the modern museum guests requirements.

Friends of Flagstaff Hill Volunteers

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is supported by the around 150 volunteers that provide a a range of services as well as enjoying the village community and social interaction between volunteers, staff and guests to the village.