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Volunteer @ Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village


Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village has an active volunteer program that has a wide range of options for people to get involved.  Our volunteers can participate in a wide range of activities across all parts of village life. These can suit a range of skills and motivations for volunteering.

Work Experiences Through Volunteers

Volunteering is a great way for young students wanting to gain people skills and build their confidence.  If you are a student or returning to the work force why not try adding some volunteering experiences to your resume.

Here are some the roles we support so you can consider what may suit your needs and skills.

Maintenance - Outdoor Volunteers

With 10 acres to maintain, as well as 42 buildings and content, there is always some great project taking place. You can join an existing team of volunteers, or select to come in and complete projects in smaller groups. OH&S is a major focus for Flagstaff HIll Maritime Village so all volunteers need to complete some competency tests before they can use machinery or hand tools.

Research and Collection Management

With over 10,000 official artefacts plus other items spread through the village there is always a need to research items to better understand the gems held by our village. Volunteers work under guidance from Flagstaff Hill Public Programs staff as we continue to improve the understanding of our collection so we can better preserve and interpret our heritage.

Sella Maris Tearooms

Open daily the tearooms provide a quiet place to rest and enjoy a fine cup of tea or homemade soup. Volunteers support paid staff to serve our guests and maintain the cleanliness of the tearooms. Volunteering in our tearooms is a great way for people to gain experience in hospitality and customer service.

Tour Guides

Our volunteers provide a tour of the site to our guests twice per day. This is a great way for us to both showcase our village in a more personal manner, but to also highlight the role that volunteers play in operating our village. New tour volunteers can follow other tour volunteers to learn the outline of the village and learn a wide range of information that our guests ask us about. Another excellent way for volunteers to develop public speaking skills.

Village Volunteers

Our village is made more alive with our in village volunteers. These are the highest profile volunteers in our village as they dress in period costume and speak to most guests within the village. A range of buildings and roles can be used to make you a central part of our village experience. Lighthouse Keepers, Barman, Blacksmiths, Boat Builders and other 1880 maritime lifestyle roles are available.

Process To Apply To Be A Volunteer @ Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Life is full of rules, and yes there are a few procedures to be undertaken to become a Volunteer @ Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village. Not all offers of volunteering can be accepted. We aim to ensure that the volunteers we have in our program are actively contributing to the current aims of the volunteer program and are supported by our staff.

Talk to Us

We encourage all volunteers to discuss what they wish to achieve by becoming volunteer. This may include meeting new people, learning new skills or just getting involved in something different. You will discuss the skills you have and the roles that are currently vacant at Flagstaff Hill with our Volunteer Coordinator. Please note that this staff member works part-time so you may need to leave a message.

Ph. (03) 5559 4600 or email


Position Roles and Responsibilities

Once you have discussed the skills you have and the roles that are currently vacant you will be asked to come in and discuss the role and be provided with a Role Description and Responsibilities of being a Volunteer @ Flagstaff Hill.

Induction Session

We hold a group induction session regularly and you will schedule to attend a session that suits your schedule. PLEASE NOTE: There will be some roles that can not start until this induction is completed. The session runs through the Flagstaff Hill Navigator that guides you through being a volunteer @ Flagstaff Hill.

Specialised Skills

Some roles that take specialised skills will be required to undertake further induction. This may focus on the safety of your role and ensure you have the suitable skills and competency to complete sometimes difficult tasks.

Shadowing with other Volunteers

Depending on your role and the skills you can offer you will commence your volunteering by partnering up with another volunteer. This aims to ensure you feel welcomed to the village and you can learn as much as possible from existing volunteers.