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Activities For Young Minds


For students or families visiting Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village there are many themes and topics that can be studied prior to arrival, and research topics that can be completed both pre and post their visit.

These activities will enhance the childs visit to Flagstaff Hill by introducing some of the topics and issues that may arise during their visit, including costumes, shipwrecks, Flagstaff Hill, trades of the late 1800's and so on.

You may also like to use these sheets for your family drive to Warrnambool.

Great activities for the car or train trip to Warrnambool!

Colouring Pages


Ships Captain


Village Street

Wharf Area

 Wharf Area



Find A Words

Tools of the Shipping Trade

Parts of a Ship

Flagstaff Hill Theme


Board Game

London to Warrnambool Theme

Common School

Rules for Teachers

Old Fashioned Script

Student Behaviours at School 1870