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More Than Just A Maritime Museum - An Education Facility

Have your class experience history, not just learn it.

Students can be a part of the 1870's Flagstaff Hill Common School – complete with a stern School Ma’am, scratchy slates, hard wooden seats and recitation of the times tables in the Reading, ‘Riting and Rithmetic’ topic.

Your students can experience life in the 1870's - feel the contrast between their current life and those of the 1870's.

New for 2015 - "Meet the Maremma" World First Program

Our new "Meet the Maremma" Education Programs allows your students to experience the world unique Middle Island Maremma Project - that uses Maremma dogs to protect the Little Penguin Colony on Middle Island. The Program is a great way to engage children in Environment and Sustainability classes.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is the home to Oddball - The soon to be released new Australian movie that tells the tale of our maremmas as they work to guard our local penguin colony.

Whaling Great For Winter Visits

In other topics students can discover fascinating tales behind our shipwrecks and marvel at how immigrants survived their perilous ocean journeys; investigate the history of whaling, examine the intriguing characteristics of the Southern Right Whale and learn of the lifestyles of the pioneering days of an early Australian coastal port.

A range of self explore trails, as well as pre and post visit resources, are available in Student Self Guided Resources to further enhance the students' learning outcomes.

Teacher and Student Resources

A great range of Historical Facts Sheets are also a great way to engage your students in our maritime heritage and explore a signficant shipwreck of the region -

Click here for Historical Fact Sheets

Click Here for Shipwreck Fact Sheets

Click Here for Lady Bay Lighthouse Information

Shipwreck Discovery Trail - Explore the regions shipwreck as part of your excursion


Flagstaff Hill's Education Service offers a curriculum-based program associated with the Victorian Essential Learning standards (details available in Teacher Resources. Educational sessions (40-60 minutes) and are conducted by the Education Officer on a theme chosen from the following:

Download the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village Education Program Guide

Suggested Programs

Meet the Mareema Dogs - Middle Island Penguin Program

Experience the Middle Island Little Island Penguin Project that has these mremma guardian dogs being used to protect our local Little Penguin colony.

Students also gain an insight into contemporary environmental issues associated with coastal and marine settings. It links wonderfully to any sustainability and environment based themes you are looking to provide to your students.

Get more information on this world first program - CLICK HERE

Adaptable all levels

Other Options

Reading, ‘Riting and Rithmetic’

Step back in time and role play classroom life in an 1870’s Common school. Experience copperplate writing on slates, recite tables, and learn pounds, shillings and pence under the stern supervision of the School Ma’am. Max class size 32 pupils.

Dress up in our costumes to enhance the atmosphere or wear your own.

Suitable Years P-6



Thar She Blows! Whales and Whaling

Discover the whaling history of the waters near Warrnambool. Learn about our winter visitors: the Southern Right Whale. See, feel and touch baleen, scrimshaw, a whaleboat, harpoon and spear.


Adaptable all levels. 

Batten down the hatches! Shipwreck Stories

Shipwreck stories from the Shipwreck Coast: discover how, why and where shipwrecks occurred and what life was like onboard. View unique and valuable artefacts recovered from historic shipwrecks.

Adaptable all levels.

Traditional Trades and Lifestyles of the 1870's

Outlines of occupations with a maritime focus: Lighthouse Keeper, Port Medical Officer, Shipsmith, Ships Chandler, Shipping Agent, a Whaler, a Cooper, Ship Model Maker and Sailmaker.

A great way for your student to live the history they are learning.

Adaptable all levels

Traditional Make and Create

Experience the true challenges of nineteenth century life: make your own oatmeal soap, create a traditional kite or design a scrimshaw scene.  

Adaptable all levels

Other Options

Other options are available (viewing historic footage, using the picturesque site for art classes, photography shoots or film locations). Packages can be tailored to suit your requiremments.

SHIPWRECKED - Sound and Laser Show

An amazing after dark sound and laser show that tells that tragic tale of the Loch Ard, one of Australia’s worst maritime disasters. Our multi million dollar show also covers themes such as immigration, Australian character and history, world history and geography – all projected onto a nine-metre aquascreen.

Shipwrecked - Nightly @ Flagstaff Hill


Take a Sneak Peak at the Shipwrecked Sound and Laser Show


Please Note - Education Officer will not be present during SHIPWRECKED.