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What Do Teachers Say?


"We consider the educational programs provided by Flagstaff Hill to be 100% professional, enjoyable and good value for money. The students always consider the experience to be a highlight of their school camp."

Vic Marczenko Teacher - Emerson School. 2014


Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village offers education professionals an extensive range of education services including education sessions, themed tours, student self explore trails and teacher's notes.

Educational themes are available for all primary and secondary school students (Prep to VCE)

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village Education Service supports schools in the implementation of the AUSVELS, particularly in the area of Humanities - History.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village implements an integrated approach in its education program and activities, utilising a variety of teaching strategies to meet the specific needs of each student group.


Our educational services include our

  • internet site (www.flagstaffhill.com), 

  • pre & post visit resources for teachers and students,

  • educational presentations with education officer, 

  • self explore trails for students including teacher’s notes, project and research materials,

  • a wide range of programs and activities, 

  • access to displays and exhibitions, and an interactive world class laser show in the evenings.



Self Exploration Trails - Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

A great way to have your children self explore our village, and develop their problem solving skills, is to utilise our Self Exploration Trails. Students can work individually or as part of a team to complete the trails.


Download our Self Exploration Trails here.

Tell Us What You Think!

We encourage you to give feedback via our Flagstaff Hill Education Program Survey when you have completed your visit with us. These survey's help us to improve and develop our programs to better suit your educational needs.

Flagstaff Hill Education Program Survey Download

Risk Management For School Groups and Teachers

To help school groups visit Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village we have developed the attached Risk and Hazard Indentification process.

Click Here to see our Risk Management for School Excursions.

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