Case Study Outcomes

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What Do Other Teachers Say!

"We consider the educational programs provided by Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village to be 100% professional, enjoyable and good value for money. The students always consider the experience to be a highlight of their school camp"

Teacher Vic Marczenko - Emerson School.

What Do Children Gain From Out of Class Room Learning?

Education based research highlights that student learning in museums is enhanced by these important elements:

1.Teachers being familiar with the outdoor education site and they plan their visit:
  • the social aspects of learning - encouragement of students to talk; share ideas and ask lots of questions about what they are seeing/hearing/touching;

  • the need for both physical and mental rests during the visit;

  • integrating the visit into the broader body of student learning at the school level, strongly linked to the curriculum.

Teachers that provides follow up sessions back in classroom provide students with the opportunity to further link their off site education trip to their normal learning environments.

2.Students are prepared prior to the visit by:
  • pre-visit lessons, orientations and establishing their prior knowledge. Use of Flagstaff Hill Teacher resources will assist this process;

  • encouraging enquiries - giving them some choice and control over their learning experiences. By asking students what they would want to do and see on their visit to Flagstaff Hill;

  • forming co-operative small groups to work across Flagstaff Hill - in the company of a supervising adult.

3.Students share their findings in some sort of report or presentation:
  • This can be as advanced as using the FUSE network or other online education portals, or as basic as asking for children for drawings and reflections home to show parents.

  • To continue the relationship with Flagstaff Hill why not ask the students to write a letter to the Flagstaff Hill Education Officer.

Sound Bites - What Do Students Say

Here are some little sound bites from recent students who have visited and experienced our education programs. These students are from the July to December period 2015.