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Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village has limited places in its work schedule to take private boats into its boat yard for repairs.

Our skilled master boat builder Jeff McMurrich can assess your craft and make suggestions on a work plan to rebuild, restore or just repair your wooden craft.

If you have a wooden boat you would like us to assess and provide advice on please make contact with us.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village Boat Yard - 03 5559 4600 or email fshreception@warrnambool.vic.gov.au

Lady Nelson Brig Rebuild and Restoration

Lady Nelson Rebuild

A major project we are currently working on is the rebuilding of the replica Lady Nelson Brig. This project is being overseen by Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village on behalf of City of Mount Gambier.

Lady Nelson was originally built in England in 1798 before sailing to Australia. Lady Nelson was used on a voyage along the South West coast where Lt Grant first sighted Mount Gambier and Mount Schank, location of the current day regional city of Mount Gambier.

The replica Lady Nelson brig was built in the middle 1980's as a work program and was linked to the development of the Lady Nelson Discovery Centre and Visitor Information Centre.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village was asked to assess the condition of the replica and develop a redevelopment plan for the ship display.

This project will:

  • Removal of the existing rigging display for restoration;

  • Removal of the two masts from the two upper sections - leaving the lower sections due to rot in this section of the hull;

  • Sourcing plans for the Lady Nelson ship to allow for the rebuilding of the hull section. The existing hull was found to be rotton in many sections beyond an economical repair;

  • Designing the new hull to be made with fibreglass to provide a long term solution for the ships hull. This new design aimed at improving the drainage of the deck that was a major cause of the existing hulls rotting;

  • Replacement of the lower section of masts with galvanised steel to provide strength and again provide a long term solution to the masts strength;

  • Rebuilding the hull to the original plans, return of the existing masts/spars to the ship and returning to Mount Gambier for installation.

 Images below detail the rebuild.