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We are progressively adding our collection of over 10,000 items onto Victorian Collections so that you can see and experience just some of the wonderful stories linked to our collection.

Feel free to make comments on any items you find in our collection and we welcome questions about our regions maritime heritage.


We are not a valuation service - We cant not provide estimates of the value of items you hold. We suggest you approach a register antique valuer to gain that information.

If you would like to join our Volunteers in this research please take a look at our Volunteer Page of the web site.

Victorian Collection

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village Collection Online Here

Collection Management

The FHMV Collection Crew started in 2009 and was in response to the need to better manage our vast collection.

Our original paper-based record system, a traditional system used by many small to medium museums, was limited as it did not accurately or easily capture the provenance of each item.

The paper based systems was also not particularly useful when it came to documenting items which had been moved or released on loan to other groups with an interest in history.

Through the FHMV Collections Crew we have attempted to reconcile items on the paper-based system using photographs and known information such as item location and condition.

Over the past six years the number of items on FHMV's "unlocated list" has continued to shrink as we work through areas of the village.

Our record management is now above industry standards and is part of our overall Museums Australia Accreditation. Many of our collection policy's are used by other small to meduim museums trying to achieve the same standards that we achieved in 2010.

Newfield Bell

The Newfield ship's bell is on the "Unlocated List". It is believed to have been moved during the 2002 renovations to a storage area. We are searching for the bell.

We have 129 items on the unlocated list from a current recorded database of 7815 items (we have around 2500 books also)

If you would like any further information on our collection please feel free to contact me or our Collection Crew.

Unlocated Items List - As at November 25th 2014

Peter Abbott
Manager Tourism Services - incl Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village