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Question: Why didn't the Loch Ard Peacock sink?

Answer: Sealed in its crate and being hollow (probably floated like an iceberg with most of it below the water) and not deep in hold.

Question: When was Eva Carmichael/Tom Pearce born?

Answer: 1859, exact date is not known as Irish birth registration can not be found.

Question: When did Tom Pearce arrive in Australia?

Answer: 26 July 1861, aboard Shalimar from Liverpool

Question: What is the Mahogany ship?

Answer: We don't really know, but . . .it is a shipwreck that has been reported from the earliest settlers and is thought to lie in the sand dunes between Warrnambool and Port Fairy. The reports of the wreck being of early european origins has been thought to mean the ship was of Portuguese origins, but nobody has found this elusive local legend.

Question: What is the Schomberg Diamond valued at?

Answer: Replacement cost is insured for $10,000

Question: Can I take photographs in the Great Circle Gallery?

Answer: Yes, as many as you wish. They can not be reproduced for commercial production.

Question: Can we dive on wrecks today to get our own artefacts?

Answer: You can dive on the wrecks, but not take anything. Access to historic wrecks site in managed to protect them for future generations. Heritage Victoria have published a guide to public access to historic shipwrecks available for download here.