Legend of the Mahogany Ship

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Our region has a long history of shipwrecks and may hold the title of Australia's first shipwreck if the Mahogany Ship does exist. The mythical Mahogany Ship is a local legend however one day if proven to exist it will reshape how will see early exploration and change maritime history books forever.

It is said that this mystical wreck was first sighted in the early period of white settlement around Lady Bay and Port Fairy, with  people feverently searching for it ever since. Locals, archaeologists and maritime historians alike have tried to discover the remains of this wreck within the south west of Victoria with no discoveries to date.

The Search Continues

What is the Mahogany Ship Legend?

Heritage Victoria are overseeing for Maritime Heritage Victoria

For further information on this project follow this link or alternatively, download an Mahogany Ship information sheet.

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