South West Cannons

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Since the late 1880's Flagstaff Hill has been the site for a major cannon position overlooking Lady Bay. The Warrnambool Garrison is still largely intact and our volunteers maintain these original cannons as part of our maintenance of the Heritage Listed Lady Bay Lighthouse and Garrison area.

Warrnambool Garrison was part of a much wider defence system for the South West of Victoria. A recent study of these garrisons and a Conservation Management Plan is guiding the care and maintenance of this important part of our regions history.


On the second Saturday of each month between October and May the fort is open to the public, with volunteers providing unique living history through uniformed re-enactments of military activities, including cannon firing drills at 1.00pm on these days.


South West Cannon Exploring Trail

Explore the South West Cannons using this great and informative brochure.

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